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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Trade Show Season

1. Bring business cards—lots of business cards. And be prepared to manage the ones you receive. Whether you use an app to scan and organize business cards or simply jot a few notes on the back of each, make sure they don't end up floating around your luggage for the next six months.

Bon Voyage Mementos: Market Your Business. Show Your Clients Appreciation.

Gifts for the trip could be an excellent way to market your business and show your clients you appreciate them. The cost/benefit ratio is important, though, as is choosing items that are highly useful: You don't want items to end up shoved in a drawer or, worse, in the trash. Consider how best to include your logo.

Free Webinar Highlighting Food Travel: January 15

According to Mandala Research, wine, beer, and food has served as a motivator for 131 million U.S. travelers. Spending on food and dining is equal to spending on culture, entertainment, and shopping combined for all segments of culinary travelers.

Walking Dead in the Workplace

Have you ever been frustrated by someone who isn't pulling his or her own weight at work? According to the Gallup (2013) Study on Employee Engagement, only about thirty percent of employees were engaged, leaving seventy percent categorized as not engaged.

Holiday Travel Packing Tips to Share with Clients

As we enter a busy family-travel time of year, many clients may be anticipating the stress of cancelled flights and lost luggage. Help them eliminate one of those stressors by sharing these tips for traveling carry-on only.

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