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Our writers share an in-depth look at the "who's who" of group travel leaders, business owners and suppliers.

Owner, Georgia Coach Lines | President, Georgia Motorcoach Operators Association | Chairman, African American Motorcoach Council

Clarence E. Cox, III didn't always work in travel, though his family roots in the industry go back to 1985 when Georgia Coach Lines was officially established. While growing up, Cox dabbled as a driver and cleaner for the church buses Cox's father and uncle drove on the weekends. Cox, whose background is originally in law enforcement, officially took over the company full time after his uncle passed in 2017.

President | Motor Coach Canada, Ontario Motor Coach Association

Vince Accardi has always believed in the power of travel. He has spent the span of his career working with like-minded professionals who are passionate about building a competitive and vibrant tourism sector in Canada.

Lezlie Harper, a fifth-plus-generation Black Canadian, grew up in small border town Fort Erie, Ontario. Her first job was bus girl in a restaurant with attached motel that catered to Fort Erie Race Track owners, trainers, and staff who resided there during the season.

President, Owner | TravelAdvocates

After graduate school in 1999, Robert Miller, Esq. started planning tours for Trenton-based Starr Tours, before eventually moving to national sales for a publicly traded hotel company—which was later purchased by a private equity company. This led Miller to start TravelAdvocates in 2005, around the time of his law school completion.

President | Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry