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Five Minutes With.. Robert Miller, Esq.

President, Owner | TravelAdvocates

After graduate school in 1999, Robert Miller, Esq. started planning tours for Trenton-based Starr Tours, before eventually moving to national sales for a publicly traded hotel company—which was later purchased by a private equity company. This led Miller to start TravelAdvocates in 2005, around the time of his law school completion.

Five Minutes With ... Roni Weiss

Roni Weiss, Executive Director of Travel Unity, started his journey in the industry as a traveler visiting more than 70 countries, in addition to being an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Italy, France, Taiwan and Chile.

Traveling to Fuel Recovery

There has been plenty of talk surrounding travel and the guilt associated with it in the midst of the pandemic. To learn more about how traveling safely and responsibly is helping those within the industry recover, Groups Today sat down with Robb Showalter, Brand Development Manager, Bob Rogers Travel, to discuss his recent travels.

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