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Lori Visser, VTA: Following Her Heart to Travel

While Lori Visser, VTA knew she wanted to work as a travel advisor after high school, she initially followed a different path—one that led her into accounting and later as a corporate controller for a construction, manufacturing and commercial real estate business. She was used to often being the only woman in the room. Eventually, Visser returned to what she calls her first love: travel.

Five Minutes With … Brian McInerney

Brian McInerney has been a Foreign Service Officer—or "U.S. diplomat"—for more than 20 years. From Ireland, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Mexico and Iraq, McInerney has served as a Consular official in five countries spanning four continents.

Kate Scopetti Honored with the 2023 TODAY! Award

Kate Scopetti, President, MARS and Companies, was announced as the winner of the 2023 TODAY! Award at the recent ABA Marketplace in Detroit.

Bringing Incredible Travel Experiences to Life: Alex Berardi

As President of, Alex Berardi is continuing a family legacy that stretches back generations.

Five Minutes With ... Rainer Jenss

Founder | Family Travel Association

This past fall, the Family Travel Association (FTA) launched a first of its kind program for the family travel industry: The FTA Family-Friendly Certification Program. Developed with the creation of the certification program were industry standards and guidelines that define what it means to be truly family-friendly and identify what suppliers need to do to earn this designation.

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