The May/June issue of Groups Today can't miss libation, culinary and retail experiences! Peek inside for more travel industry news!

From this issue


When a Client Threatens Litigation

It's every travel professionals nightmare—when a client chooses to bring litigation into the mix.


Elizabeth Hall: From Alaska to Africa and Everywhere in Between

Elizabeth Hall shares her perspectives on motorcoach travel, leadership in a family business and growing up in the industry.


Take a Dive Into Wellness Travel and Tourism

It's no secret that more and more groups are seeking experiences that are enriching, rejuvenating, and truly feed the mind, body and soul.


Sips, Spreads and Shopping! Can’t-Miss Libation, Culinary and Retail Experiences

Arguably one of the best parts of setting off on a great trip are all the delicious drinks and indulgent meals you're sure to enjoy along the way—with some retail therapy thrown into the mix, of course.

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