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Groups Today is a travel-planning tool for group travel planners, but it's so much more than that.

Groups Today is the only group travel magazine that satisfies travel professionals' desire for industry and business news. From marketing best practices to the latest travel industry trends, and from business management tips to insightful destination news, Groups Today editorial gives readers authentic, balanced content they can't find anywhere else.

Because of our unique, dual approach to editorial content, Groups Today is a magazine that readers read cover to cover.

The History of Groups Today

Groups Today was launched in 2002 as the first title published by Serendipity Media. While the timing of the formation of the company and its publication may have seemed less than opportune (the magazine published in the wake of 9/11), with mindful planning and a team of progressive, creative staff and unique focus on quality content, the publication took off. Since Groups Today was founded, the iPhone was invented, 1 billion people joined Facebook and 81 percent of Americans now get at least some of their news online. Groups Today leads the charge in the new digital era by being the first group travel publication to start an eNewsletter delivering more than 2x the amount of content than before.

Groups Today reaches a total community of 32,000+ and growing.

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