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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be on TikTok

Keeping up with social media trends can feel impossible.

What's cool? What's not? Is it a "Bones" or "No Bones" day?! If you're not sure what that means, you're not alone. However, it's in your best interest to dive in.

Are You Meeting the Moment? Why a Rebrand Should Be Top of Mind.

It's not surprising to hear that for many businesses, the pandemic was a wake-up call. The way we do things has undoubtedly needed to change to grow along with the ever-changing world around us. For many, this growth has been embraced and taken the form of a full rebrand. Should you also be doing the same? We sat down with Loren Eisenlohr, Marketing Director for Serendipity Media—publisher of Groups Today—to hear why there's perhaps no better time than now to consider making a change.

The Three N's of Employee Fulfillment

In the best of times, it's important to keep your best employees. In tough times, it's even more important. Customers are beginning to feel the results of The Great Resignation, which quite honestly, is not so great. It has resulted in longer lines, longer hold times, and slower service—basically a lower level of customer service.

So, how can you keep good employees, and keep them not only engaged with their jobs but also engaged with their customers? The best employees don't just work for a paycheck. They also work for the company and the customer. Is there a way to keep good people?

Tips for Reengaging Past Customers

We all know those loyal clients; the ones who are always pleased with our offerings and service, and who do business with us time and time again. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it difficult to keep those relationships active and thriving. Consider these tips and strategies for reconnecting and reengaging with your past travelers.

Old School Ideas Can Have a Big Impact

Many years ago, my daughter and I were in our basement, and she found an old typewriter. She looked at it with amazement and asked, "Dad, what's this?" I explained it was what we used before computers and keyboards were invented. We would type letters and thank-you notes on a piece of paper, without spell-check. She asked if she could play with it. It kept her busy for days.

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