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Be a Professional

What is a professional? Is it the opposite of an amateur?

How to Analyze and Tweak Your Social Ads

You've created engaging social ads and sent them out into the social world to work their magic. Fantastic! But wait ... you're not finished yet. This next step will help tie everything together and focus your ads on your specific group travel market.

Compare Yourself to the Best

Stop comparing yourself to the competition.

How to Prep for the Future of Your Social Marketing

Are you adaptable and uniquely capable of dealing with unexpected problems? Do you thrive on chaos and hurdling obstacles? As an industry, we can persevere and get ourselves and our clients through the COVID-19 crisis.

Skills Travel Professionals Will Need for Recovery

Those in the travel industry are faced with challenges unlike any that have been seen in the past. In addition to adapting to changes brought on by the current pandemic, group travel professionals are having to build a new set of skills to best serve travelers and their evolving needs.

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