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customer service

  • As someone who has always worked in customer service, I often wonder if I pay more attention to quality customer service (or the lack thereof) than those around me.

  • The emotions of your customers drive your profitability and customer loyalty.

  • To me, food service is serious stuff. Maybe it's because I love good food. Maybe it's because if I'm going to pay for the convenience of not making it myself, there's a certain level of service I expect. Regardless, I recently had two vastly different customer services experiences that dished up some "aha" moments for me in regards to the importance of empowering your staff.

  • ASAP has long been the acronym for "As Soon As Possible"—and that, of course, is true in handling a frustrated, irate customer.

  • Once again, the travel and tourism industry faces both new and ongoing challenges. Travel and tourism cannot be separated from the world context in which they operate. Be that context political states of war, or one of health issues or of economic undulations, what occurs throughout the world touches every aspect of tourism. It is for this reason that every once in a while, it is good for travel and tourism professionals to take a step back and to review at least some of the basic fundamentals of their industry.

  • One thing we all know is no one likes to be rejected. You don't—I don't—the folks next door don't. And certainly, our customers don't.

  • "Smile and the world smiles with you." That is part of a longer quote attributed to Stanley Gordon West.

  • We are in the midst of a digital transformation. More and more, travelers use the Internet to find travel inspiration and information. They can easily book flights and hotels—now more than ever, thanks to Google. There are apps to hail transportation, book table reservations and more.

  • I first came across this idea in the book Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon, which I consider one of the most important books written on customer service.