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How Often Do You Change Your Passwords?

Security breaches aren't uncommon. Remember when more than 530 million Facebook users' personal data was lifted in a breach sometime during 2019 and subsequently made available in a public database? Instances like this demonstrate how vital it is to be prepared in the case that your information becomes compromised—and even if it hasn't.

Back to Basics

Have you ever heard the term "stick to your knitting?" It means "to continue to do something that you are experienced at and not try to do something which you know very little about," according to Collins Dictionary.

Marketing in a Post-COVID World: Considerations for the Path Ahead

No one came out of 2020 doing things exactly the same as when the year began, and group travel professionals are no exception.

3 Key Social Marketing Insights for Travel Recovery

What if you had a crystal ball that could tell us what was in store for the future of group travel? Our "next normal" is sure to be a big departure from our normal of the past, but the reality is this: There is no crystal ball.

How to Handle Lost Luggage: A Lesson from the Airlines

It's been almost a year since my last business trip. I'm excited as I'm writing this article because I'm about ready to take the first trip since the COVID-19 lockdown.

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