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Advanced Tips for Targeting Your Perfect Social Ad Audience

What did the target audience of your last social ad look like? A lot of marketers define their audience based on broad characteristics such as age or gender. Those things are certainly important, yet they're only the tip of the iceberg.

Clean Out Your Inbox!

Though spring is usually when "spring cleaning" occurs, that doesn't mean your inbox has to stay in hopeless disarray until the next time the tulips bloom. Not only will getting your digital mailbox organized help you when it comes time to find something you actually need, but it's also likely to lighten your overall feeling of email bombardment.

Following the Shot In

Much of my life is spent traveling. Lately, I've been home more than usual, along with most other people in the era of COVID-19.

Get Results with These Four Advanced Social Ad Tests

Is advertising socially really worth it? Ads can be time-consuming to create and can eat away at your budget. I'll let Henry Ford field this question:

When Surprise and Delight Becomes Surprise Without Delight

We've all heard the expression surprise and delight. The intention is that we surprise our customers with better-than-expected service.

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