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Four Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Conducting interviews for open positions can be taxing. Of course, you want to be engaged and ready to assess whether or not a candidate is suitable for your team and their potential role, but when's the last time you updated the set of questions you ask during the process? While you want to broach the obvious topics, there are some lesser-thought of territories to explore. To ensure you're bringing quality team members aboard, consider asking these four important questions.

How Travel Insurance Has Changed

Group travel and travel insurance go hand-in-hand, now more than ever! While the urge to travel is booming, travelers still have some apprehension about their travel investment. In response, tour operators should encourage all customers to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Upgrade Your Customer Service to a First-Class Experience

Many years ago, a friend shared some advice with me: It doesn't cost much more to enjoy a first-class experience.

4 Tips for Lowering Costs

Included in the many things that have changed drastically over the last few years are the rising costs of almost anything you can think of. Inflation and a higher cost of goods and services—combined with the battle to attract and retain top talent—have left businesses everywhere feeling the strain.

SEO 101: Getting Started

You may have heard the term "SEO" being thrown around in relation to marketing. But perhaps you're unsure on exactly what it is or how important it is for your business. Keep reading as we explore the basics and what you need to know to get started in understanding the world of SEO.

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