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Learning to Say ‘No.’

It's a fine balance between being involved in your industry or company, community, family, et cetera, and taking on so much that you enjoy little of it.

If you struggle to say "No," you could end up spending your time on things that aren't truly important to you—or having so little time that you aren't able to carry out your obligations well, even if they really matter to you. If you are a "Yes" man (or woman), try these tips for saying "No" and reclaim your life.

Don't Unintentionally Damage Your Reputation

Sure, there are times when we're beyond busy and feel like the only way to get things done is to put our heads down and get to work. However, it's vital to be sure that through it all, you're not making mistakes or overlooking things that could accidentally damage your reputation.

Take a look at a sample of the few easy things that could be done to ensure your reputation always stays a positive one.

The Light Switch Mentality

When you flip a light switch, you know exactly what to expect. The light comes on—right away. No hesitation. It happens immediately.

The Power of Women in Leadership

Effective leadership has never been more important, especially now—given the rapid changes and unprecedented challenges as the travel industry works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis has shed light on the extraordinary impact of business empathy, inclusion, compassion and female leadership, as women-owned and women-led businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors in the enterprise world.

In honor of celebrating Women's History Month, the Tourism Academy is hosting a free panel discussion where participants can hear from women in leadership positions and learn how to build a more profitable, resilient and diverse organizations.

Use Relationship Data to Build Stronger Connections

First, I hope the word "data" doesn't scare you off. We're not going to discuss the typical customer data that might bore most people, although I'll admit that I get excited and geek out about the data, stats, and facts that show trends in business. Today we're going to talk about relationship data.

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