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What to Look for When Hiring a Tour Guide

Tips and insight for finding the right tour guide for your group trips.

What to Know About Threads: A New Social Media Platform

An introduction to Threads, a new social media platform aimed at sharing text updates and joining public conversations.

Improving Your Follow-Up Messaging to Land More Sales

Communication seems simple—until you realize it sometimes isn't. Perhaps you feel like your messaging is coming across in an engaging and concise way ... but do your potential clients feel the same way? Getting the conversation going is the first step, but being intentional in your follow up is what can really elevate your messaging and close the sale.

How to Break the Rules and Delight Customers

There is a massive benefit to empowering employees to "break the rules" to delight customers. And what I mean by "breaking the rules" is to consider what you can do for a customer outside of the norm that doesn't cost the company money, isn't illegal or immoral, and won't hurt "business as usual." In reality, employees aren't breaking any rules. They are finding ways to take care of the customer while not breaking the "rules" mentioned above.

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