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The Difference Between Repeat Customers and Loyal Customers

"We love our customers, and they obviously love us. They keep coming back, again and again!"

Who doesn't want to be able to say that? And, if that is the case with your organization, let me ask you this question: Do you know why they are coming back?

Not to be a "downer," but we shouldn't confuse a repeat customer with a loyal customer. They are not the same.

Creating a Successful Work-Life Balance

It can be far too easy to end up feeling overwhelmed at work. Though this sometimes does speak to your workload or taking on new tasks and skills, often the root cause has more to do with not having a healthy work-life balance.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

Over the past year and a half, the landscape of professional work has changed drastically, with remote work taking center stage. People across industries worldwide pivoted, albeit some bumps in the road along the way.

5 Signs It's Time to Rebrand Your Business

Your brand and its identity, mission, style, culture and voice are intrinsically integrated into your business. Therefore, when your business goes through a major change (we'll get into what that could be soon), it might be time to reconsider your brand overall.

Bridging the Gap with Gen Z in the Workplace

Millennials have been in the spotlight long enough—now it's Gen Z's time to shine.

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