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Post-Pandemic Financials

Let's be honest: If you're reading this, you are not in the same place financially that you were two years ago.

In fact, chances are, you're just beginning to start the climb back up. We can't think about our companies in the same way we did in 2019, when the world was our oyster and the sky was the limit.

That's not to say you can't be successful! But it's important to make use of the new tools, knowledge and wisdom we've gathered over the past nearly two years.

Tips for Reengaging Past Customers

We all know those loyal clients; the ones who are always pleased with our offerings and service, and who do business with us time and time again. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it difficult to keep those relationships active and thriving. Consider these tips and strategies for reconnecting and reengaging with your past travelers.

Old School Ideas Can Have a Big Impact

Many years ago, my daughter and I were in our basement, and she found an old typewriter. She looked at it with amazement and asked, "Dad, what's this?" I explained it was what we used before computers and keyboards were invented. We would type letters and thank-you notes on a piece of paper, without spell-check. She asked if she could play with it. It kept her busy for days.

Five Best Things to Say to an Angry or Upset Customer

I was recently interviewed by Mario Martinez on his Modern Selling podcast. He shared a story about how he emailed the CEO of a company, and in an incredibly short amount of time, his phone rang, and you can guess who it was ... the CEO.

The Future of Networking

With millions of people losing their jobs and in-person events disappearing for over a year, COVID-19 has forever changed the way we make connections.

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