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Three Resources You Should Know About in the New Year

Three Resources You Should Know About in the New Year

Three resources to improve your business and operations in 2024.

With a new year comes a refreshed outlook on what can be done to improve our lives, both at home and in the workplace. When it comes to our professional lives, we're always on the lookout for materials and resources that could make our lives even a tiny bit easier. Well, we've scoured the internet to find some of the latest and greatest resources you should know about as we take 2024 head on.

Answer the Public
If you're seeking out keywords for SEO purposes or are simply curious what people (and potential travelers) are searching for, Answer the Public is a great resource to bookmark. By searching something like "group travel," you can find out the related questions folks are asking, and from there, tailor your own marketing to help answer those questions (ex. Benefits of group travel; how to join a group to travel; etc.).

The free version allows for three searches per day, so you can try it out to see how it works before committing to purchasing anything. It's a great way to help you come up with more marketing content!

Canva Design School
Canva has emerged as a top tool for those looking for an accessible way to do their own graphics for their social channels, marketing materials, website and more. Now, there's Canva Design School, a great resource for those who are very new to graphic design and don't have a graphic designer on their staff.

If you want to use more than just Canva templates, these are the courses for you. You can even find stock images and video if you don't have an original image of your own to use.

National Federation of Independent Businesses
The National Federation of Independent Businesses offers a wealth of information for small business owners and those thinking about starting their own business, from research to a legal center. There's even a Small Business Rundown podcast! Another highlight you'll find on the NFIB website are the free webinars covering topics like HR, marketing, the economy, legal matters and more.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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