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Five Ways to Make Customers Feel Special

An important goal of a good customer experience is to make the customer feel special. That special feeling can come in many different forms. I was reading an article about customer retention, and it prompted me to start a list of ways to make customers feel special, want to come back, and even want to share their experience with friends, family, and colleagues. I'll bet there's an entire book that can be devoted to this topic, but for today we'll keep it to the first few that came to mind. With that, here are five ways to make your customers feel special:

Three Powerful and Easy Ways to Gain Employee Trust

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about how to create trust with customers. No doubt, a customer who trusts you is more likely to do business with you. And while that is obviously important, creating trust with employees may be even more so. A company that is trusted by customers is first trusted by employees.

Avoid the Crowds with These Tips and Tricks

Even before the days of the pandemic, having an individualized and custom experience is a top priority of traveling groups. Among the factors that bring that level of experience to the forefront is the elimination of big crowds. The good news? Today, groups have more options than ever before in breaking away from the masses. Keep reading to learn some of the ways how.

Social Media: Fact vs. Fiction

Social media is more effective than ever before in increasing business revenue, spreading awareness, providing opportunities for marketing and much more. It's important for any business owner to understand why a social media presence is a necessity, but also to understand how to use it effectively.

Let's debunk a few common social media marketing myths that are keeping people from having success on social platforms.

Tips for Appealing to the Younger Traveler

According to research from Avail, Gen Z and Millennials lead the way when it comes to making plans in the near future to travel more (or the same amount) as they did pre-pandemic. Knowing this, it makes sense why you'd work to target this specific demographic of younger travelers, the majority of which are eager to explore all corners of the world.

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