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  • ‘Crushing It’ in the Air Side of Things

    Roy Peterson was nominated as one of the 2018Groups Today Top 10 Next Gens by readers for making a difference in the industry. Roy is President of Fly My Group, Inc. and Flight Sugar. Fly My Group, Inc. was the recipient of the 2018 TODAY! Award.

  • 10 Tips for Crafting E-mail Standards

    When was the last time you thought about the proper use of e-mail at work?

  • 10 Tips for Surviving a Trade Show

    1. Bring business cards—lots of business cards. And be prepared to manage the ones you receive. Whether you use an app to scan and organize business cards or simply jot a few notes on the back of each, make sure they don't end up floating around your luggage for the next six months. Click here for a recent review of the best apps available.

  • 10 Unprofessional Email Phrases You Might Be Using

    There's some content you should obviously stay away from in work emails—political conversations, crude jokes, office gossip. Other topics and phrases might be a little less obvious, but are no less unprofessional.

  • 3 Questions to Ask When Making Tough Decisions

    When did you last spend quality time evaluating all aspects of your business? If you’re in sales, how much time, energy, and effort are you putting into to some client relationships and is your sales volume reflective of that time spent? More importantly, is it a profitable relationship for you and your company?

  • 5 Tips for Trade Show Newbies

    How to Conference like a True Professional: Tips for Trade Show Attendees--New and Experienced

  • 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Leaders and Your Team

    What if your team supported your vision, your ideals, and the excellence you desire for your organization? What if they had an unstoppable sense of ownership, loyalty, and passion to expand your business?

  • 9 Qualities of Truly Confident People

    First things first: Confidence is not bravado, or swagger, or an overt pretense of bravery. Confidence is not some bold or brash air of self-belief directed at others. Confidence is quiet; it's a natural expression of ability, expertise and self-regard.

  • Are You Using #Hashtags Wrong? Etiquette and Best Practices

    The # (pound) sign took on a new meaning 10 years ago when designer Chris Messina first tweeted it as a hashtag character, asking his followers how they felt about "using # (pound) for groups." Ever since, hashtags have been used to connect individuals and groups into broader conversations on popular topics and world events.

  • B2B Marketing Databases: 5 Tips to Maximize Results

    Managing data can be a little scary—especially if you're not a statistician by trade. But if properly managed, your B2B marketing database can help you to make effective outreaches and maximize your business. Here are five steps to make the most of your B2B marketing database.

  • Be a Mentor (Not a Tormentor) with Your Newer Service Staff

    I was asked to be on an executive panel for service and support professionals for an annual event. One of the more animated discussions focused on ways to best integrate young service staff into the workforce.

  • Bon Voyage Mementos: Market Your Business. Show Your Clients Appreciation.

    Gifts for the trip could be an excellent way to market your business and show your clients you appreciate them. The cost/benefit ratio is important, though, as is choosing items that are highly useful: You don't want items to end up shoved in a drawer or, worse, in the trash. Consider how best to include your logo.

  • Building Ties With Your Supplier

    Building Ties With Your Supplier

    A supplier relationship begins with a goal: You want to bring your group to a destination, attraction or event. Finding a supplier to help you meet your goal is step 1 in building a strong tie, but strengthening those ties is an ongoing practice.

  • Convey the Vision: It’s Imperative

    Imagine this happening at an all-star football game: All of the best players converge, but no one shares the game plan. Even with extraordinary talent, what would transpire on the field would not be representative of the players' true talents.

  • Core Values

    Most companies, at some point or another, have created a mission statement that is meant to define their purpose or vision for conducting business. Mission statements can look great on a plaque hanging in your office or on your website for prospective clients to see, but when was the last time you reviewed it to make sure you and your staff are actually "living" it? Would you even be able to rattle it off without looking? If you haven't visited your mission statement in a while, or ever, there has never been a more critical time to do so.

  • Creating Order From Chaos

    When you work with data—data about people, data about places, data about marketing—finding the information you need can be seamless, or it can feel like a wild goose chase. It all depends on how you organize your files.

  • Customer Emotions: Build or Break Your Profitability

    The emotions of your customers drive your profitability and customer loyalty.

  • Discouraging ID Theft

    People travel for different reasons, but their potential risks are the same. Whether you're on a mandatory business trip, traveling with a group or jetting off on a vacation you've been planning for years, you could let your guard down. 

  • Empowering People and Teams

    "Empowerment can have a greater impact on your bottom line than any other strategy you implement," said leadership consultant Michelle Steffes, CPLC.

  • Entering the Group Travel Field: What to Know

    Have you ever heard the saying, "The amount of money you make is directly impacted by the number of people you serve"? That definitely holds true in the travel industry and is the reason group travel continues to be one of the industry's most sought-after segments. But where does one first learn the ins-and-outs of starting a group travel business?