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5 Whys and Hows of Motivation (for Success)

Motivated individuals rise to the top. Motivation doesn't just happen: It is an intentional act taken by the most successful members of our society. Michelle Steffes, Certified Coach/Business Consultant/Speaker/Trainer at IPV Consulting has put together what she refers to as the 5 Whys and 5 Hows of Motivation (for Success).

Steffes believes motivation is essential to growth and success and has articulated five reasons in support of her belief. First, motivation makes us happy and empowers us to take on new challenges. Second, it combats fatigue and stress. Third, motivation inspires us to dream. Fourth, it creates accountability. Fifth, motivation breeds confidence.

Now that we know the importance of motivation, how do we become motivated people?

While a motivational speaker can work wonders, listening to such an individual is only one way to kick-start your goals. Steffes believes the following tactics are key to your self-motivation process.

Reading topical educational materials is one way to fuel your passion. Steffes also thinks you should surround yourself with positivity. For instance, if a co-worker pays you a compliment, write it down and stick it to your bathroom mirror! Making good use of your time is also important. Road warriors who are stuck in their cars for hours on end could listen to books or other recordings that align with their goals or vision. Being kind to yourself also plays an integral role in your motivational process. Words can be hurtful—even the ones you think in your own head. Rather than engaging in self-sabotage, think positive, uplifting thoughts. Finally, to become properly motivated, you must focus on self-improvement.

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The 5 Whys and 5 Hows of Motivation (for Success) was written by Michelle Steffes, a 25-year Leader, Certified Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. Michelle is President of IPV Consulting. Learn more at


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