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2021 Trends: QR Codes (Again)

About seven years ago, QR codes seemed like the newest and coolest technology. Take a picture and your phone would take you to a website (which was kind of boring) or a video (better). DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) thought this would be great to use since more people were using smartphones.

Do You Know These Cybersecurity Basics?

Oftentimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and work, robust cybersecurity measures get put on the backburner. Obviously, that shouldn't be the case, especially when dealing with you and your customer's sensitive information.

Top 10 Business Predictions for 2021

There's still plenty of uncertainty as 2021 powers ahead. One thing we know for sure? The way business is conducted and customer behaviors are certainly going to continue to evolve and change with the landscape of the industry.

7 Ways to Create Marketing Opportunities—Not Chaos

During a crisis or time of upheaval, we have a couple distinct options: We can see the mountain of work ahead of us and quickly give up. Or, we can give ourselves a swift pep-talk, mobilize our creativity and discover the opportunities that are hiding just below the surface of the chaos.

A Realistically Optimistic 2021

As we close out the year, I thought I'd break from the traditional customer service and experience topics and get a little personal—maybe even a little motivational.

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