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Our writers share an in-depth look at the "who's who" of group travel leaders, business owners and suppliers.

Roni Weiss, Executive Director of Travel Unity, started his journey in the industry as a traveler visiting more than 70 countries, in addition to being an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Italy, France, Taiwan and Chile.

There has been plenty of talk surrounding travel and the guilt associated with it in the midst of the pandemic. To learn more about how traveling safely and responsibly is helping those within the industry recover, Groups Today sat down with Robb Showalter, Brand Development Manager, Bob Rogers Travel, to discuss his recent travels.

In this time of tenuous travels balanced against hopes on the horizon, Groups Today reflects on thoughtful wisdom and insight, courtesy of several members of the travel and tourism family.

This year undoubtedly required the travel industry to dig deeper than probably ever before. In many ways, 2020 has been a bully; constantly pressuring those faced with hardship to take the path of least resistance and give in. Yet through immense challenges, upheavals, and uncertainty, the people who make travel possible continue choosing to press on—thriving and adapting at every turn.