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Customers are taking complaints to social media as never before, and nervous organizations are struggling to respond. Most are doing it badly. People have been griping online for a long time, of course, but amplification tools now spread the message with breathtaking speed. With the help of hashtags, Facebook pages, and petition sites such as, one person's bad experience can explode into a global news story in less than a day—particularly if others have similar complaints.

In February, the third Hispanics in Travel Caucus was held in Los Angeles. Sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board, the caucus featured Carlos Alcazar, president and CEO of Hispanic Communication Network, and other leaders in the Hispanic community, who addressed topics such as faith tourism, adventure travel, and family travel. The growth of this caucus in the past three years draws attention to a niche market with huge potential: the Hispanic market.

No one wants to deliver this kind of unwelcome news. Quite frankly… it sucks, for both the recipient AND the messenger. But sometimes it’s a necessary evil of doing business, and you’re the unfortunate soul who has to bear the burden. Here are five tips to mitigate the drama.

No matter how well you prepare, any number of things can go wrong on a trip—things you simply cannot account for beforehand. Think about all that can go wrong while traveling. One thing that really sets people on edge is losing something valuable, by mistake or by theft. At the top of that list is a passport, arguably the most important document anyone carries while traveling.

A delayed, canceled, or missed flight could make even the best-planned adventure fizzle. Do you have a tried-and-true method for making things right, or do you fly by the seat of your pants (so to speak)? Here are some thoughts on handling flight delays and cancelations.