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How to Network When You're an Introvert

As the travel show season arrives, extroverts may relish the opportunity to make new connections and see old aquaintances, while introverts might be a bit apprehensive. Introverts value quiet time—it's what recharges them. Introverts value in-depth conversation, but making small talk can feel draining.

Group Tourism Insiders Voice Industry Concerns

The group tour industry faces continual challenges to educating the public, governing bodies, and its own members. Groups Today polled a range of group tourism professionals for insight on the most pressing industry concerns.

Learn to Say “No.”

It's a fine balance between being involved in your industry or company, community, family, et cetera, and taking on so much that you enjoy little of it.

B2B Marketing Databases: 5 Tips to Maximize Results

Managing data can be a little scary—especially if you're not a statistician by trade. But if properly managed, your B2B marketing database can help you to make effective outreaches and maximize your business. Here are five steps to make the most of your B2B marketing database.

Influencing the Decision Makers

It's estimated that women make 80 to 90 percent of the decisions regarding leisure travel for their families.

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