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  • 3 Tips to Speed Up Your Blog Writing Process

    Which of these statements is true?

  • 90 Years of Great Country Music!

    The Grand Ole Opry represents 90 years of great country music! What began as a simple radio broadcast became a live entertainment phenomenon. Dedicated to honoring country music's rich history and dynamic present, the Opry showcases country legends and the contemporary chart-toppers who've followed in their footsteps. An American icon and Nashville's No. 1 attraction, the Opry is known worldwide for one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences for all.

  • Be a Mentor (Not a Tormentor) with Your Newer Service Staff

    I was asked to be on an executive panel for service and support professionals for an annual event. One of the more animated discussions focused on ways to best integrate young service staff into the workforce.

  • Beyond the Books

    Kara Mihalevich | President | Exploring America, Inc.

  • Bringing People Together

    Jane Tougouma | Group Tour Sales Manager, Destination Cleveland

    A "boomerang," Jane Tougouma returned to Cleveland from Los Angeles and found love in more ways than one. "Traveling is my passion and planning tours for others is my pleasure, especially sharing the unexpected gem that is Cleveland." She joined Destination Cleveland in 2010, serves on the ABA Marketplace Advisory Committee and is CVB co-chair liaison of the ABA 2017 Host Advisory Committee. Her personal travels have included visits to West Africa, Republic of Georgia, Japan and Iceland.

  • Centre Block Rehabilitation and Parliamentary Tour Updates

    In Ottawa, 2019 will be a big year for the Centre Block building at Canada's Parliament: Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is set to embark on the largest heritage restoration project the country has ever seen, with a goal of preserving this majestic piece of the nation's history for generations to come.

  • Checkpoint Charlie Meets Hard Rock

    Hard Rock International announced plans to open Hard Rock Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie—Germany's first Hard Rock Hotel—in 2020. The 372-room hotel will reflect the area's musical past and spirited present. Hamish Dodds, Hard Rock International CEO, notes, "The Hard Rock Hotel brand's presence in this project not only reflects the area's young and lively character, but also the musical freedom message that is embedded in the culture of Berlin."

  • Don’t Let Ticks Ruin Your Outdoor Adventures

    Chances are you may encounter some ticks in your lifetime—especially if spending time outdoors is on the itinerary. Ticks and the diseases they carry are on the rise; protect yourself and your group on your next outdoor trip with these tips.

  • Educational Exploration

    When looking for activities-filled experiences that ensure youth groups are gaining educational value on their field trips, tour operators may find fewer options available than they'd hoped.

    Roundtop Mountain Resort is looking to change that.

  • Emerging Destinations: Cuba

    Changes in government regulation, allowing for Americans to travel to Cuba without special permission from the government, have opened up new possibilities for Cuba travel. Now, more than ever, travelers are demanding to visit Cuba—an emerging destination in the tourism industry. Here's what you need to know before you go.

  • Entering the Group Travel Field: What to Know

    Have you ever heard the saying, "The amount of money you make is directly impacted by the number of people you serve"? That definitely holds true in the travel industry and is the reason group travel continues to be one of the industry's most sought-after segments. But where does one first learn the ins-and-outs of starting a group travel business?

  • Entertainment Cruises Announces New CEO: Kenneth Svendsen

    On January 6, 2016, Chicago-based Entertainment Cruises, a member of Pritzker Group Private Capital's family of companies and the largest dining cruise company in the United States, today announced the appointment of Kenneth Svendsen as its new chief executive officer.

  • Excel! (Or, What Word Guides Your Business?)

    Excel!'Tis the season to be working on New Year's resolutions, right? Most people find it easy to set a New Year's resolution—yet the tough part is following through with what you pick. It's easy to set the bar high, but what if you only had one resolution to hit? Would it be easier to achieve?

  • Explore Deep Tradition on Spiritual Tours in Lafayette

    The origins of some South Louisiana's deepest traditions may have been lost in time, or perhaps in the revelry. But rituals of faith still play a large role in how we celebrate, what we eat and when we rest. As your group explores this region's rich culture and history, it's worth a visit to many of its oldest churches and cathedrals.

  • Goodbye, Winter! Hello, Maple Syrup!

    While Midwesterners delight at the first sighting of Robin Red Breast flying across the morning sky, New Englanders look for white clouds of smoke rising from sugar shack chimneys to signify winter's end. Beginning in late February, fragrant plumes of steam rise throughout Western Connecticut, heralding the arrival of maple syrup season. Group travelers interested in the longstanding maple syrup making process have many opportunities to experience it in Western Connecticut.

  • Have You Checked Your Analytics Lately?

    There's so much more going on with Twitter and Pinterest than re-tweets and re-pins. Using awesome free tools, you could get a closer look at how clients are connecting with your sites!

  • Helping People Live Happy, Full Lives

    Ryan Alsup | Manager, Tourism Development, Visit Anaheim

    Ryan Alsup manages tourism efforts for domestic, Mexico and Australia consumer/travel trade markets. Most recently, he served as a group sales manager at the Red Lion Hotel in Anaheim, overseeing the tour and travel and Social, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal (SMERF) markets. Previously, Ryan worked as the outside sales representative for Catalina Express, promoting Catalina Island through sales and marketing platforms targeted at consumers, in addition to tour and travel professionals.

  • How to Have Serendipitous Success

    A question that I'm quite obsessed with asking successful entrepreneurs these days is: "Has your success been more about Serendipity or Strategy?" The responses have been fascinating. I'd estimate that 90 percent of the people I've asked have said that Serendipity was a bigger part of their initial success than Strategy.

  • In The Mountains: Deep Creek Lake

    Groups can now experience the cool mountain waters of Deep Creek Lake in the mountains of Western Maryland. With over 65 miles of shoreline, what better way to escape the summer heat or take in beautiful fall foliage than with a guided pontoon boat tour?

  • Inside Group Travel: Catherine Prather

    Groups Todaycaught up with Catherine Prather, Executive Vice President, NTA at ABA Marketplace 2019 to talk about what's new with the association, Brexit, and more. Catherine is also taking on a new role as NTA President in 2020!