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A Cupcake Machine? Yes, Please!

When I think of vending machines, images of chocolate bars, potato chips, breath mints—and maybe even a healthy snack—come to mind. But fresh cupcakes? Unheard of! Yet blissfully, cupcake machines do exist. Leave it to a Beverly Hills Bakery to bring its "Cupcake ATM" to the Magical World of Disney.

Beginning in May, group travelers will delight in these fluffy delicacies while visiting Disney Springs. The 24-hour "Cupcake ATM," courtesy of Sprinkles, will be situated at the Disney Springs Town Center. Sprinkles is also opening a Disney Springs bakery location.

This dessert machine holds 400 cupcakes and is replenished throughout the day, and then again when the bakery closes for the night. A high-tech approach is used to protect these tasty treats: a robotic arm! The robotic arm will lift the cupcake box, ensuring that none of the frosting is disturbed. These cupcakes will be in pristine condition when your hungry travelers sink their teeth into them.

Food allergies are no match for this cupcake machine. In addition to regular cupcakes it will be stocked with vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free options.

As if Disney wasn't exciting enough, now students can look forward to the quick delivery of salted oatmeal cornflake cupcakes, banana peanut butter cupcakes, maple bacon cupcakes, Cuban coffee cupcakes, lemon coconut cupcakes and so many more unique flavors!

The machine will accept credit and debit cards, and deliver big smiles.

Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine.



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