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It's Election Season. Now, What Exactly Does That Mean?

From debates to commercials to robocalls—election season is here, and it's the ideal time for group travelers to learn the ins-and-outs of the United States presidential election process. Philadelphia's National Constitution Center's new exhibit Headed to the White House uses multimedia displays, role-play, artifact exploration and more to teach visitors of all ages about election history, presidential campaigns and the presidency itself.

Open now through November 8, 2016, this unique exhibit has five primary elements.

1. Election History

Visitors will explore how presidential elections have been conducted over the past 200 years. Fun presidential facts will be shared and as will information about how constitutional amendments shape the election process. Iconic elections will also be explored.

2. Join the Race

Campaigns will be launched and interactive speech coaches will help group travelers craft campaign messages.

3. Earn the Election

The primary election and caucus process required to win a major party nomination is complex and will be explained in detail.

4. Win the Election

Voting methods have change over the years. These methods, and the associated voting rights, are important aspects of any election. Additionally, no election can be won absent the schmooze factor. Your travelers will learn about making campaign commercials and how they should properly greet their audiences. After all, what's more important than a strong handshake?

5. Take the Oath

After our next president has been elected, the real work begins. Exhibit goers will learn about presidential powers and duties, and what it is like to live in the White House.

Help your group travelers acquire a deeper understanding of the always-interesting campaign process! Click here to learn more about this educational and timely exhibit.

Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine.

Photo courtesy of the National Constitution Center.


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