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An Authentic Mexican Destination

The city of Puerto Vallarta is not included in The U.S. Department of State or Canadian Foreign Affairs Department's January 19, 2016, travel warning. While other areas of Jalisco, Mexico, are included in this warning, Puerto Vallarta has been intentionally excluded.

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board says it regularly monitors its security. In addition, the board contracts with international firms that specialize in tourism security. These firms assess the safety of the city and its attractions. Independent assessments completed in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 deemed Puerto Vallarta a safe travel destination.

In 2015, the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine named Puerto Vallarta Mexico's "Friendliest City." The city's record number of visitors bolstered this title; nearly 2.5 million U.S. and Canadian travelers visited the city in the past year, and 3.5 million visited as cruise ship passengers. To keep pace with its growing population of visitors, in 2015 five new hotels were opened and four new direct flights from the U.S. were reported.

If your group travelers are interested in visiting a Mexican destination that has preserved its authentic traditions, Puerto Vallarta may be just what they are looking for. From its historic downtown to picturesque beaches and lively entertainment, it's a fun group travel destination.

Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine.


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