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Making Lemons into Lemonade? Nope, Apples into (Hard) Cider!

Cider Town, U.S.A., is living up to its name. On June 25, 2016, the area's vast cider production will be celebrated at the inaugural PA Cider Festival at Jack's Hard Cider, outside Gettysburg. The event will feature a variety of alcoholic ciders, special seminars led by cider experts, live music, food and an artisan market.

The hard cider industry is growing. "Cider has emerged as the next big beverage trend," said Mary Bigham Founder and Co-Owner of Dish LLC, and publisher of the online publication Cider Culture.

At the one-day festival, cider makers from throughout Pennsylvania will showcase their ciders and provide samples. Vendors will also be selling their product. Groups travelers could also attend cider seminars highlighting apple pressing, cider apples, cider pairing and tasting tips.

The Adams County orchards will offer a picturesque backdrop for your group travelers while they sip on cider, enjoy live music and peruse the artisan market. Local restaurants and pubs will  get into the cider spirit by allowing exclusive tap takeovers and showcasing Pennsylvania ciders, dishes and pairings.

The PA Cider Guild president, Hank Frecon, believes the event will be a welcome platform to showcase the cider industry.

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Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine.

Logo courtesy of PA Cider Fest.


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