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Catherine Heeg

Catherine Heeg

  • How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Live Stream Videos

    We all know FOMO! It's the "Fear of Missing Out" and it's something that a lot of your clients, group leaders, and fans experience.

  • How to Prep for the Future of Your Social Marketing

    Are you adaptable and uniquely capable of dealing with unexpected problems? Do you thrive on chaos and hurdling obstacles? As an industry, we can persevere and get ourselves and our clients through the COVID-19 crisis.

  • How to Streamline Essential Info Using Facebook Groups

    Picture this: Your next group tour is all put together and nearly sold out—a great accomplishment!

  • Improve Your Videos With These Three Secrets

    Do you ever wish your videos looked a bit more polished? Do you wish your fans would share and comment more often on your videos? Why even bother with video now in these crazy times? Here's why:

  • Make a Big Difference with These Three Video Tricks

    Sometimes the smallest interactions or little things going right can turn a mediocre day into a fantastic one.

  • Need More Butts in Seats?

    Do you ever wonder how to get more people to come out to your consumer events?

  • Skyrocket Your Social Ad Success

    Are you focusing on creating engaging visual content for your clients online? Do you want to skyrocket your reach? Social ads are the answer! Let's dive into five targeting tactics to launch your next campaign.

  • Strategies for Turning Your Out-of-Office Time into New Content

    Is it just me or do you also feel like you need a vacation immediately after returning home from a business trip or group tour?

  • The Social Dynamic Duo

    Milk and cookies! Peanut butter and jelly! Bacon and eggs!

    These things go together so well, we can't imagine one without the other. Like two peas in a pod! They bring back fond memories, fill our tummies and make us smile.

    What does this have to do with social marketing?

  • Time-Saving Blog Secrets

    When you sit down to write a blog post, does it suddenly feel like the blank screen is looming large and your mind has drawn a blank?

  • Tips for Creating Scroll-Stopping Videos

    Have you noticed how we as a society now use social media to fill the little gaps in our days? Scrolling through Facebook while waiting at the airport departure gate. Or liking a quick Instagram video when you're the first to arrive at a restaurant and aren't sure what to do with yourself while you wait for the rest of your party to arrive. Well, this is exactly what your group travelers and group leaders are doing, too!

  • Trade Show Follow-Up

    How do you plan to keep in touch with people you met at your last conference or trade show? With the conference season in full swing, it's time to strategize how to make the most of your networking and trade show time and effort. These tips and tactics will be useful after your conference to continue growing your relationships.

  • Using Your Email List to Improve Social Ad Audiences

    Which came first—the chicken or the egg? Growing your email list and social fan base are a bit like the classic chicken and egg conundrum. You really can't do one without the other! Savvy marketers know that a healthy social fan base is a wealth of potential new emails for your list. But let's take a closer look at switching things up and using your email list to grow your fan base.

  • Ways to Stretch Your Social Ad Dollars

    We're all looking for ways to stay connected to the right people and build our future group business. Yet what opportunities are staring us in the face? Over my time in the travel and tourism world, I've been through deregulation, SARS, the 2020 bombings in Bali, the bird flu and of course, 9/11. Each time, our savvy industry pivoted and turned these obstacles into opportunities.

  • Your e-Mail List is Like Gold

    Do you need to grow your e-mail list with qualified potential new clients? If you're like many in our industry, your e-mail list is like gold. Catherine Heeg offers some easy steps you can take to pull together a plan and grow your e-mail list.