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How to Forget the Fear of Video

How to Forget the Fear of Video

Are you wondering if video is worth your time and effort?

HINT: The answer is a huge YES!

If you're like many travel and tourism pros, you may be shy on tech skills or simply shy to get in front of the camera. So many of us think more about the "fear and gear" than the "wow and ka-pow" of video.


Do you remember what your mom told you when you were little?

"Just try it. You'll like it!"

OK. It worked on me with veggies. And guess what? It works with video, too! Seriously: The more you do it, the easier it gets. My first videos took seven or more shoots and the editing took me an hour. Now, it's pretty much one shoot and a few minutes of editing. It still takes me a while to glam up!

The real truth is, it does get easier over time—and that initial fear of being in front of the camera does decrease.

HINT: Test your video skills in your PJs! That's right: No pressure, as you KNOW you'll be deleting it. It's a great way to gain some confidence, worry-free!

Let's talk about some easy video tools that will have you ranking among the 94% of businesses that see video as an effective tool.

1. Invest in a phone with an awesome webcam or in an external webcam. I have the Logitech 920 that provides HD-quality videos. Here are others that rank highly.

2. Invest in a high-quality audio microphone for your phone and your office. Here's what I use. Also, check out these highly ranked microphones and lapels.

3. Consider your lighting options to add a professional focus to your videos. Using natural light is an easy and inexpensive option. If that's not possible, here's an inexpensive, portable lighting system that works for many in our industry, including my office video setup.

Not sure if video is the right tool to grow your social reach and engagement? You may be in for a surprise when you tune in to this video.

Having the right gear will work wonders in helping you get over your fear of videos. Who knows? Designing and shooting videos might become as fun as getting glammed up!

Go ahead, give it a whirl. The amazing benefits social videos make it all worthwhile.

What will your next video be about?

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Written by Catherine Heeg, an international speaker and trainer who focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.

 Photo courtesy of Catherine Heeg.



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