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How to Analyze and Tweak Your Social Ads

You've created engaging social ads and sent them out into the social world to work their magic. Fantastic! But wait ... you're not finished yet. This next step will help tie everything together and focus your ads on your specific group travel market.

Analyze Your Success

Back when I first started using social ads, I launched my ads at around 6 a.m. and turned them off around 6 p.m. Huge Mistake! Now that ad analytics are much more precise, I learned that many people were viewing my ads and acting on them way past 6 p.m. I was missing opportunities!

The charts in figure 1 helped me realize how late in the evening my ads were being viewed and I adjusted the time my ads turned off. In addition, I realized I was wasting my money by targeting an audience under 35 years old. Perhaps your group leaders and prospects work another job during the day and will see your ads either early or late in the day.

In addition to these analytics, when you study your ad placement analytics, you may find other ways to optimize your budget.


Tweak Your Ad Success

Even though you now that you have a better understanding how to analyze your ad campaigns, what if you find your ads still aren't generating the results you want?

Figure 2 shows some additional ad tweaks you can integrate into your strategy. These tweaks can be done through split testing or by setting up dynamic ads.

A key issue in your ad success is your audience. Here are some tips to tweak your audience to optimize your reach. The last key point in figure 2 is to never give up on social ads.


When you update and customize your ads frequently, you'll be able to spend your ad budget more wisely and avoid ad fatigue. Don't let your perfectly crafted ads go out into the social world only to fall short of their potential. Analyzing and tweaking your ads will ensure that your get the best results possible.

CatherineHeeg-HeadshotUpdateWritten by Catherine Heeg, an international speaker and trainer who focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.




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