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Don’t Be a “Tourist.” (Be a Savvy Traveler.)

We've all seen that big group of people, innocently checking out an attraction or exploring a destination—and obviously not from the area.

How to Protect Your Ears While Flying

Through the hustle and bustle of ticketing, managing your luggage and navigating the airport, your hearing is the last thing you're usually thinking about while flying.

9 Reasons to Vacation in a National Park

I've spent the last eight months traveling, most of that time spent in bigger cities where it's easy to find all the action—art, dining, entertainment, culture, etc. National parks, while on the bucket list, had always been a distant afterthought.

Taking Pets on the Road

For many, their pets truly are family members. And after spending so much quality time with them at home over the last two years, travelers don't want to leave their pets behind—making pet-friendly travel options understandably more appealing than ever.

More Than Ever, Travelers Value Sustainability

It's no secret that travelers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious in their daily lives and while on the road. They want their travel experiences to not only be fun and memorable, but meaningful and authentic, as well. More than ever, travelers are concerned about the lasting impact made on the destinations they visit.

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