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Tenacity as Viewed from My Backyard: Never Give Up

It started strangely one day this spring. I started seeing caterpillars appear on my brick sidewalk and crawling up the wall of my house as I sat on the patio and drank my morning coffee. So many things were changing in our world that sitting outside and looking up at my trees and listening to birds seemed to be the best antidote.

Hotels and Accommodations: Safely Adapting in a COVID-19 World

With ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, it's undeniable travelers will be interested—now more than ever—in how hotels and accommodations are adapting their policies to keep their guests and their staff safe.

Travel Essentials in a COVID-19 World

Hitting the road in the time of COVID-19 can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. When it comes to groups traveling to destinations and attractions that have been given the green light to welcome guests, there are some key items to pack to ensure all your bases are covered.

Tips for Staying Hydrated on the Road

Staying hydrated should be a top priority, even when you're not traveling. To avoid headaches, low energy, shakiness, muscle cramps or worse on the road, groups should follow these tips for getting the proper amount of fluids while on their adventures.

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty for Taking a Break Right Now

There's a delicate balance between the relief of still having a job you're passionate about and the guilt of even thinking about taking some time away for yourself. In a crisis, it often feels like a "Go! Go! Go!" mindset is the standard, with survival being the always present priority.

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