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DEI in the New Normal

The world will certainly be a different place after 2020.

Preserving and Learning from History

Today, more than ever, there are lessons to be learned from the past. With a bounty of historic destinations around the country to choose from, groups will have no shortage of opportunities to honor and learn.

Inclusion: Different Areas May See It Differently

Inclusion is a major travel trend—yet nuance often gets left out of discussions about inclusivity. The term may mean different things to different populations and regions. Go deeper with inclusion, with these tips for respectful group tours.

A Speaker’s Guide to Virtual Events

Like it or not, it appears virtual events aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of lamenting about it, we might as well embrace the idea of appearing on camera to connect with our customers and clients.

How to Stay Informed and Engaged

With news and current events swirling around us at what seems like the speed of light, it's understandable to feel like you can't keep up. It's critical, however, to do so. Use these tips to up your game, while ensuring the information you're reading is credible.

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