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A Few Thoughts on Grit

Why do some people succeed and some people fail? That's certainly a question many of us have pondered. What does it take to be at the top of our game? Do successful people have common traits? Some say yes. Some say no. Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, associate professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a 2013 MacArthur Fellow, says highly successful people do share something: GRIT!

Elevate Your Mind

Are you a mindless person or a mindful person? How does your particular state of mind affect your everyday life, your work life, your relationships? Mindless people simply go through life's paces. Alternatively, mindful individuals notice and appreciate the world around them. Those with whom we interact notice this increased level of engagement—and, in the business world, this could be the difference between landing or losing a client.

Increase Your Creativity. Lower Your Stress.

According to numerous studies, including one performed by the American Journal of Public Health, there is a clear link to the mental and physical health benefits of having a creative outlet. Even if you can't dance to a beat or color in the lines, it's important to find a creative outlet for your own sanity.

EVERY Tour Guest is Special

As a tour guide, it's important to make each and every one of your guests feel special. Focusing on only your high-maintenance travelers could alienate the rest of your group. Encouraging your more introverted guests to be the life of the party may make them feel uncomfortable. Joan Keddell, Executive Vice President/CFO for International Tour Management Institute and President of SilverLining Cruises & Tours, suggests five important tips to help make all of your tour guests feel valued.

Physiological Changes You Can Make to Reduce Stress

We are all overextended, overscheduled, tired and just plain ... stressed out! Michelle Steffes, Certified Coach/Business Consultant/Speaker/Trainer at IPV Consulting, can help. She has identified six key factors that should help you avoid burnout. For those of us looking for ways to repair the burnout we've already endured, she has us covered, too.

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