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Guidance for Safer Travels

Travel is here to stay, but unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn't gone anywhere either just yet. We still need to keep it in mind whenever travelling, because our health is at stake.

Make a Big Difference with These Three Video Tricks

Sometimes the smallest interactions or little things going right can turn a mediocre day into a fantastic one.

Travel Insurance Considerations

Now more than ever, it's no secret that securing travel insurance before embarking an unforgettable trip is a good and highly practical idea. However, since the pandemic hit, plenty has changed as it relates to travel insurance and the information groups want to—and should—know.

2021 Trends: QR Codes (Again)

About seven years ago, QR codes seemed like the newest and coolest technology. Take a picture and your phone would take you to a website (which was kind of boring) or a video (better). DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) thought this would be great to use since more people were using smartphones.

Do You Know These Cybersecurity Basics?

Oftentimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and work, robust cybersecurity measures get put on the backburner. Obviously, that shouldn't be the case, especially when dealing with you and your customer's sensitive information.

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