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Sally Davis Berry

Sally Davis Berry

  • Every industry has an alphabet soup of acronyms and tourism isn't any different.

  • If I wrote this yesterday, my suggestions might have been different. If I were to send this out tomorrow, we might be dealing with another set of challenges. But based on our world today, we are not helpless.

  • We would all like to think that our destination is the most amazing place and that there are so many cool things to do that tour operators should want to send groups there.

  • One of the statements I dread hearing when a tourism attraction describes itself is:

    "We have something for everyone."

  • If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that I often speak about collaboration and partnering. The tourism industry is unique in that we often partner with competitors to bring business in. There is even a term for it: Co-opetition. But your success is directly related to how many people you know in the industry. I was named a "Top Networker and Connector in the Tourism Industry" (Thanks!) so I thought I would share some strategies and resources with you so you can leverage and grow your network.

  • Spring and summer bring the high school and college students out looking for summer internships—either as a way to make money or a way to fulfill a college credit requirement.