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Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

  • 10 Instagram Engagement Best Practices

    Instagram is one of the biggest and busiest social media platforms. Of the over one billion monthly active users worldwide, 80% follow brands—making the platform very attractive to marketers.

  • Avoid These 2 Mistakes to Ensure Successful Social Ads

    Do you ever think about not spending more money on social ads? Maybe you don't feel like your ads are generating any interest. Well, you're not alone: 62% of small business owners say Facebook ads miss their targets. Stop wasting your time and effort creating ads that fail!

  • How Social Can Make Your Niche Shine

    Are there truly riches in the niches? You bet!

  • Improve Your Videos With These Three Secrets

    Do you ever wish your videos looked a bit more polished? Do you wish your fans would share and comment more often on your videos? Why even bother with video now in these crazy times? Here's why:

  • Increase Your Email Open Rate Using These Tips

    Are you having trouble retaining engaged subscribers or struggling to get subscribers to open your emails?

  • Make a Big Difference with These Three Video Tricks

    Sometimes the smallest interactions or little things going right can turn a mediocre day into a fantastic one.

  • Tips for Creating Scroll-Stopping Videos

    Have you noticed how we as a society now use social media to fill the little gaps in our days? Scrolling through Facebook while waiting at the airport departure gate. Or liking a quick Instagram video when you're the first to arrive at a restaurant and aren't sure what to do with yourself while you wait for the rest of your party to arrive. Well, this is exactly what your group travelers and group leaders are doing, too!

  • Ways to Stretch Your Social Ad Dollars

    We're all looking for ways to stay connected to the right people and build our future group business. Yet what opportunities are staring us in the face? Over my time in the travel and tourism world, I've been through deregulation, SARS, the 2020 bombings in Bali, the bird flu and of course, 9/11. Each time, our savvy industry pivoted and turned these obstacles into opportunities.

  • Your Signature Line Can Be Your Business Ambassador

    One of the things I love most about the tourism industry is that it's not just made up of huge corporations. Sure, people travel the world to see tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China. But those of us in the industry know the real truth—this industry is mostly made up of small businesses. In fact, over 90% of tourism businesses are considered small businesses by the SBA definition.