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Much remains uncertain in a COVID-19 world, including travelers' opinions about venturing out into the world like they used to. The most recent Longwoods International tracking study of American travelers sheds light on the latest information.

In the wake of the many industry changes seen in 2020, perhaps one of the largest ones is seeing most major airlines eliminating ticket change fees permanently. Undoubtedly offering more flexibility, the change—with parameters differing slightly by airline—has been adopted by companies like Delta and American Airlines, with Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines also joining in.

On Friday, September 11, the American Bus Association sent out an op-ed to political, transportation and trade reporters highlighting what will happen to our industry if they do not receive Congressional assistance in the form of the CERTS Act or other financial help.

Much has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, including new partnerships and innovative solutions for creating a better traveler experience.

In an effort to accelerate travel's recovery, the Let's Go There Coalition—a broad collection of businesses and organizations spanning practically every segment of the American travel industry—have come together to address the extreme declines in travel related to the coronavirus pandemic with the Let's Go There campaign.