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Want to Reach Travelers Over 50? Up Your Tech Knowledge

There remains a stereotype that older people are out of touch with current technology, whether it's for work or leisure. But new research has indicated that's anything but the truth today.

Accord to AARP's new Tech Trends report, tech use by people aged 50 and up skyrocketed during the pandemic. And those new habits and behaviors? Well, they appear here to stay. Most of those surveyed (70%) purchased tech last year, with smartphones and related accessories, along with Bluetooth headsets, topping the list of items purchased.

Social connection is a large reason for this increase. The rates of reliance on tech for social connection is consistently high across age ranges: 76% of those in their 50s, 79% of those in their 60s, and 72% of people 70 and up all count tech as their link to their families and the wider world.

The report also found that older adults continue to incorporate tech into their lives. Certain tech behaviors formed during the pandemic—video chat, making online purchases, banking, and more—will continue. This makes it vital to ensure you're meeting your clientele where they are by offering user- and mobile-friendly websites and platforms, being available to connect virtually, offer marketing that's digitally-based, and consistently engaging with them online—especially since 42% of older adults report feeling that tech is not designed with them in mind.

One way to reach older adults is by ensuring you're offering some sort of video content on your platforms. The report found that about 30% of older adults are using tech to pursue personal passions, mostly with video content. Streaming content continues to increase with most of them subscribing on average to three platforms.

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Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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