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Stretch Your Content with These Three Tips

Stretch Your Content with These Three Tips

Creating content and sharing that content is essential in making your presence known online. It's a key part of any content strategy to regularly provide new and engaging material for your audience to consume, whether it's a blog post, video, photography or graphic.

However, as vital as content creation is, it is also often viewed as time consuming; you have to plan, execute, edit and publish each new piece of material. To that end, when things feel tedious, refresh by recycling.

Repurposing old content is easy, here are three ways to do it.

1. Search for Evergreen Content

Go through your blog archives and look for the pieces that still hold up today. Examples range from employee spotlights to case studies to tip articles. You could share this evergreen content as-is, giving it a second chance on your social platforms, but if you truly want to stretch it and deliver the content in a fresh way, read through blogs and look for statements that are quotable. Once you have a list, identify or create new graphics that relate to your quotes. Now, you have a new eye-catching graphic that you can now share with a link back to the original blog post, giving new life to both the quote and the post.

2. Reformat Videos

One of our recent marketing predictions is that video will prove itself to be powerful. We're talking short-form content, like TikToks or Instagram Reels, long-form content like YouTube videos, and time-bound content like Instagram Stories and Facebook Lives. As daunting as all of this sounds, it is easy to produce quality video content with a smartphone. Not only that, but you can take that video and reshare it across multiple platforms.

Instead of resharing the whole video though, identify the snippets that you would like to share. Use those snippets to create an Instagram Story, a Reel or IGTV with them.

3. Upgrade Content and Convert

When you create strong standalone content, you can upgrade that content by putting it in a collection or reformatting it to market it as gated content. Gated content involves an exchange—in exchange for a visitor's email address, they are given access to a full article, blog eBook, cheat sheet, template ... you name it. This is a popular list building method that doesn't require as much work as if you were starting from scratch.

Courtesy of Serendipity Media.

A version of this article originally appeared at Serendipity Media.


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