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3 Insider Secrets to Video Success

Do you find there are many videos on your social feeds lately? How many of them grab your attention and are worth your time to watch? If you're producing your own videos, what's going to keep your viewers watching for more than three seconds?

When I first started shooting video, a dear client let me know gently—and, luckily, early on—that my audio was scratchy and hard to listen to for more than three seconds. I had no idea!

Why does all this matter for your travel and tourism business?

Video is the fastest way to engage and reach more of your social fans. As attention spans get shorter every day and more video appears in fan feeds, it's time to take your video production up a notch so you'll earn more views and more business!

Three Video Success Secrets I've Learned Along the Way

1. Invest in a good microphone!
Whether you're shooting video from your phone or an HD webcam, choosing an external microphone is key to ensuring your viewers stick around for more than three seconds. Here are some suggestions and popular microphones.

Remember: Include captions with every video. Research shows that many people what video with the sound off!

2. Shine the light the right way.
Is there a shortfall in your budget? Here are some tips to create video on a shoestring, along with some lighting disasters to avoid.

3. Start with a bang!

Research shows that many viewers tune out after six or seven seconds—and we all know that attention spans are shrinking fast. Kick off your video with your key point first to grab viewer attention. Early in your video, remember to add a call to action letting people know what they can do with your information and why you're the best option to help. Many videos start with a long-winded introduction, which is simply an invitation to tune out. People don't really care about you—just about how you can help them!

Isn't it great when you can learn from someone else's mistake without needing to make it yourself? I briefly put my fans through some poor-quality audio so that you don't have to. Thank you to those who stuck around anyway!

Keeping these tips in mind will help your social videos live up to and exceed your audience's expectations.

CatherineHeeg-HeadshotUpdateWritten by Catherine Heeg, an international speaker and trainer who focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.


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