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Changes in government regulation, allowing for Americans to travel to Cuba without special permission from the government, have opened up new possibilities for Cuba travel. Now, more than ever, travelers are demanding to visit Cuba—an emerging destination in the tourism industry. Here's what you need to know before you go.

Now that the Rio Olympics are over, the city hopes to reap the benefits of the games well into the future. The city has plans to repurpose its Olympic venues into schools, high school dorms, community swimming centers, public parks and land for private development.

Fall evokes feelings of warm days and crisp, cool nights—and the mountains of western Maryland embody these feelings with incredible fall foliage and exciting celebrations.

Bacon, marshmallow fluff and...scrapple? There are no boundaries when it comes to celebrating food. Last month, National Geographic published an article on "The Best Food Festival in Every U.S. State," and we can't believe some of the bizarre festivals highlighting regional favorites. Whether your clients are looking for a taste of garlic ice cream, or looking to play tug-of-war over a pit of mashed potatoes, the United States boasts a number of quirky food festivals from sea to shining sea.

The Carolina Opry Christmas Special presents its 31st season of awe-inspiring holiday performances in Myrtle Beach, with new acts and time-honored traditions. Owner, producer and entertainer Calvin Gilmore works for months each year to create an unforgettable holiday experience, and this year is no different.

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