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    Do you find yourself overwhelmed with determining how and where you should be marketing? Do the ever-changing platforms of social media confuse you? Do you ask yourself how traditional marketing fits within your plan and budget? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this webinar is for you! Join us as we address the evolution of media, the reality of today’s media world, and outline 7 specific tips you can start using immediately to feel more in control of your marketing plan. Sign up today!


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  • Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia Museum of ArtExperience 2,000 years of artistic expression in one extraordinary place. With an outstanding line-up of concerts, lectures, family programs, and more, the Museum is always a place for discovery and adventure. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the ...
  • Grand Traverse ResortGrand Traverse ResortAn emerging travel destination, Traverse City, Michigan, is garnering attention for a growing wine and microbrewery culture in addition its natural beauty along Lake Michigan’s coastline. Midwest Living recently ranked Traverse City as one of the coolest ...
  • Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center MuseumColumbia Gorge Interpretive Center MuseumFor millions of years the Columbia River has gushed ever westward, transitioning from a serene snowflake in the Canadian Rockies to a mighty torrent capable of tumbling giant boulders on its way to the Pacific Ocean. On its tumultuous journey the river ca ...
  • Snohomish County Tourism  BureauSnohomish County Tourism BureauSnohomish County, Washington, just 30 minutes up the road from Greater Seattle, is a unique treasure trove of diverse opportunity that’s waiting to be discovered. Artfully bordered by the cool waters of Puget Sound, the crisp call of the Cascades and your ...
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7 Tips to Help Make Social Networking More Effective

Social media is a bigger and bigger part of business, yet navigating the social world is sometimes overwhelming. Seeing it for what it could help: Social media is simply the development of a community. And making the right efforts to maximize results could help boost your business—especially if you’re drawing (or courting) a younger crowd.


4 Ways to Promote Your Small Business

From one small business to another, here are four key tips to get your little engine on the fast track to success—without breaking your bank.


Negotiate Like You Mean It

Many women aren’t comfortable dealing with negotiations, even when something they really want (and deserve!) is on the line. Vickie Milazzo shares nine tips to help you stop underpricing yourself and start getting paid what you’re worth. If you’re ready to stop sitting back and start negotiating like you mean it, read on for nine of Milazzo’s tried-and-true tips.


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How to Leave an Effective Voicemail

You have ten seconds to capture your prospect’s attention over the phone—so don’t waste critical time. This is especially critical when leaving your prospect a voicemail.

Lessons from My First Travel Tradeshow

After five years working behind the scenes in the group travel industry, I finally got to step onto the stage—literally—and attend my first trade show.

Hello, Toledo and the Heartland Travel Showcase!

My Winter Interlude: Ottawa

What’s a gal to do when it’s too cold to want to do much of anything? Head to Canada’s capital, of course!

I haven’t really been a “winter person” since I—like our frigid West Michigan temperatures—was in the single digits. I enjoy winter’s beauty, but piles of icy plow, impassable streets, and other nuisances combine to make the season less than desirable. Still, a recent trip to Ottawa, Ontario, and the Outaouais region helped me regain my winter spirits. ‘Though every bit as chilly there as it was at home, the hospitality was warm and gracious.