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Fine-Tuning a Legacy of Customer Service

Next gens Elizabeth, Joe, and John Hall Jr. grew up together in the travel industry, under their father’s wing. They joined his tour groups in destinations such as Nashville, Florida, Arizona, and Alaska. When they were older, each sibling chose separately to rejoin their father and continue his business.

Elizabeth handles customer service relations, cruise line relationships, and inventory control; Joe handles motorcoach operations and finances; and John Jr. does the Alaska operations and marketing. And while they all operate different aspects of the organization, the siblings note that it would be impossible to have the business success they do without all three and their father working together.

The next gen Halls are focused on increasing the knowledge of their generation. They're letting them know they don’t have to settle for a lesser standard of customer service and they deserve to be assisted and pampered, just like anyone else. Regardless of their ages, the siblings' No. 1 priority is customer service and exceeding guests expectations while providing an exceptional product.

As part of that exceptional product, the Halls and the company, John Hall’s Alaska, believe their guests should have a wide variety of options when it comes to dining and programs. The Halls target Alaska-owned and operated restaurants, hotels, attractions, and vendors to give each guest a true Alaskan experience—one they definitely can’t have anywhere else. They advise not being afraid to focus on one destination or something unique, as it will pay off.

The Halls also advise others from the next generation to not be afraid of getting into this industry at a young age—and to make yourself known, speak up, and not be afraid to chime in. The Hall siblings have done so much to help their father’s business, and in their hard work, they know they’re doing the right thing by being innovative and always making it a goal to help all of their clients find the best trip possible.

“There is no greater joy in our business then seeing joy on our travelers face from once-in-a-lifetime experiences created while traveling with John Hall's Alaska, but also seeing our father’s reaction of pride when he sees his dreams coming true in his next generation.”

The Halls were nominated as one of the Top Ten Next Gens in the January 2014 issue of Groups Today magazine. Click here to learn more about the Top Ten, and stay tuned to our website for more in-depth profiles on these innovative people in the group travel industry.

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