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Pioneering Brings Opportunity

Cazenave Argentina has been a trusted group tour operator since 1991—and the company's director, Jorge Cazenave, has been there every step of the way. While this family business began as an outbound agricultural tour operator arranging trips to the United States, Canada and Australia, it has since diversified its offerings.

Current tours for Cazenave Argentina include business missions, mountain climbing, worldwide agricultural tours, senior sightseeing, wildlife watching and photo tours, horseback riding expeditions and family group travel—inbound and outbound. The top destinations for its customized outbound programs are the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and neighboring South American countries. For those seeking inbound Argentinian tours, Cazenave will make sure you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Ten years ago, Cazenave became the first South American member of NTA. He is now the first member outside of North America to serve as the chair of the NTA board. "NTA members have made me their chair and I am honored. It shows that our members are open to change and to business from all over the world."

Cazenave acknowledges the challenges in his industry. "Reduction in group size is probably our largest challenge. Our work as operators is pretty much the same for a group of 15 or 40, but the fixed costs that come with both are also the same, so our profit margins get smaller." Client Internet access has also changed the job of the group tour operator. Travelers are well informed, but Cazenave must make sure the information they are relying on is accurate. 

Cazenave prides himself on creating itineraries of all stripes. "As a tour operator I change people's lives. I love my job!"

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