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Spine-Chilling: Eastern State Penitentiary

In search of a terrifying Halloween-themed destination? Terror Behind the Walls, America's largest haunted house, is located inside the massive, castle-like walls of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Terror Behind the Walls begins with a critical decision for visitors: Should they explore the prison and watch the action, or should they mark themselves to truly interact with the denizens of the cellblocks? Those who opt in for true interactivity may be grabbed, held back, sent into hidden passageways, removed from their group, and even incorporated into the show. They will deal with the consequences of their decision through six long attractions.This extraordinary theatrical production, consistently ranked among the top haunted attractions in the nation, runs select evenings from September 18 through November 7, 2015.

To celebrate its 25th season of scares, Terror Behind the Walls unveils the most ambitious redesign in the history of the event—two groundbreaking new attractions. Inside Quarantine: 4D, visitors learn of an infectious outbreak, whose symptoms include hallucinations, blurry vision, distorted depth perception, and other mind-altering effects. Flat walls appear to have depth, creatures emerge from (seemingly) nowhere, and some brave visitors will be challenged to face their worst fears.

Also new for 2015 is Break Out, the final Terror Behind the Walls attraction. Just when visitors think they have found freedom, they find themselves in the middle of a prison break! Inmates surround them using every way imaginable to escape, including barrels, ropes, tunnels, ladders, and crates. Visitors must keep an eye out at every corner, as inmates may even be using them to aid in their attempt to gain freedom.


The setting for Terror Behind the Walls is perfect for a haunted attraction. Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a lost world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers. This gothic structure, with soaring 30-foot-high fortress walls, is intimidating enough during the day. At night, the cellblocks fall into darkness, and the building becomes truly terrifying.

Terror Behind the Walls features Hollywood-quality sets, animatronics, and custom-designed soundtracks, all taking place within the walls of the prison. It takes an elite team of 14 makeup artists almost three hours to prepare the cast of more than 200 performers each evening. The event consists of six haunted attractions that create a seamless experience for visitors. The Travel Channel calls Terror Behind the Walls "One of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions," The New York Times calls it "perfect for Halloween," and Forbes names it #1 in the nation.

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