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Seven Things Workplace Millennials Should Know

Many articles have been floating around the Interwebs about millennials in the workplace, as they are in and hovering on the edge of becoming part of the professional world. Working with millennials isn't the nag many people believe it to be—if you address the issues that are generationally attributed head on, honestly and with respect.

Disclaimer: There are some broad sweeping generalizations at play here. Keep in mind this list was compiled to help, not humiliate. (Millennials are supposed to be driven by feedback, right?) Don't worry, the contributor pokes at our old, technologically inept selves, too.

Being that we have at any one time up to nine millennials in the office at once and are not a big fan of mutiny, the Gen X'ers (along with our millennial counterparts) developed a guide for you to implement at your office or in your millennial life. Click here to read more about this topic on


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