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The 'Sober Curious' Traveler

The 'Sober Curious' Traveler

Though it's the norm to see groups seeking out ways to enjoy their favorite adult beverage while traveling, the number of travelers specifically looking NOT to drink on their adventure is increasing.

Sober Tourism isn't necessarily a new concept, as there have always been adult travelers who don't drink. Now, though, we're seeing travelers who are "sober curious"—which according to Skift means travelers who are taking a conscious break from drinking.

What's the reasoning for this? Some say it's a way to stay more present during their experiences, yet it may simply be an overall lack of interest in alcohol. There are also plenty of travelers who are in recovery and want to share unforgettable travel experiences with others following the same journey.

Sober Vacations International is one such company offering 12-steppers a way to expand their comfort zone safely in places like Puerto Rico, Africa, Bermuda and more.

Taking part in sober travel—especially in groups—could offer an opportunity for the sober or sober curious to connect with others who are abstaining. Many sober travel companies or companies who offer these types of trips are focusing on heavy activity-based itineraries, including things like hiking, kayaking, and other destination-specific activities.

There are even sobriety influencers on platforms like Instagram, who share how to live "the good life" without a drink in hand.

Have you considered offering any sober travel experiences?

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Groups Today.

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